Transparency – CANSUXI


At CANSUXI, our core values include our connectedness to nature and embracing the freedom that comes with being true to oneself and not hiding away.

We fully adopt this view in every step of the way, from the fabrics we use to the packaging we ship your new pieces in. We also believe it is important to honour the local cultures we draw inspiration from, and work with local workshops on the coast of Bodrum to create our handmade sandals.

Fully aware that the concept of fashion is inherently contradictory with full sustainability, we still take as many steps as we can being a new brand to ensure that we respect our planet as much as possible. Read more to discover more details.


For our garments, the main fabrics we use are cupro (vegan silk), linen, viscose, and silk. Apart from the aesthetic factors like their flowiness and perfect draping, and the functional ones like their breathability and temperature regulation, we worked hard to bring you fabrics that are also more natural and better for the environment. They are sourced from a local supplier in the Marmara region of Turkey, in line with our commitment to support local businesses. 

All our fabrics are extremely durable and long-lasting by their nature, contributing to your life-long wardrobe with pieces that will feel like new after years to come. Reducing excessive consumption is the first step to a better world, and our pieces will help you in having staple pieces that always look as good as new.

Our fabrics are also natural. We use both natural and vegan silk (cupro), because we want to give you the freedom of choice. They’re both equally beautiful and harmless, but it’s up to you to decide. Cupro also reduces waste, because it’s made of recycled materials. Linen comes from the most durable natural fibres, and viscose is the best sustainable alternative to cotton out there. 

Our fabrics will treat you and your skin as well as they treat your wardrobe and planet earth.


The leather used in our handcrafted sandals is called VEGETAL leather. Considered to be “naked” leather, it is extremely high quality as only 1% of all hides can be used for this type of leather, and it is un-dyed.

Soft and susceptible to light, it’s the kind of leather that tells a story. It’s meant to develop a patina reflecting how you use it. It adds an extra dimension of character, which is key in its beauty. The colour comes from a tanning agent, starting with a very light tone and slowly becoming a nut-brown, with variations from hide to hide. 


Our sandals are handmade by local artisans on the coast of Bodrum. Located on the southwestern coast of Turkey on the Aegean sea and home to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Bodrum has a rich cultural and traditional background that is now also famous for its artisanal sandals. We work with small leatherworking studios that are specialized in the art of crafting one of a kind pieces that are inspired by traditional styles. This is a way that we try to honour the local cultures and support small local businesses, contributing to our social responsibility cause. Read our journal entry to learn more about the craftsmanship and story of our sandals.

When it comes to our sustainable fabrics, we work with suppliers in the Marmara Region of Turkey, known as the heart of textile. Their sustainability initiatives are backed by a number of certificates and programs, including GOTs, OCS, Sedex, BCI certificates and the Blue Balance Sustainability Program. Natural dyes are used, and steps are taken to reduce water consumption.

One of our fabric suppliers is situated in one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world, Kapalicarsi, or the Grand Bazaar. With the historical and local stores it hosts, the Grand Bazaar is a key cultural context where we not only supply prestigious fabrics from, but also draw inspiration from.

Apart from environmental responsibility, we ensure that all our suppliers also care as much about social responsibility as we do. Our local suppliers are committed to equality, workspace safety, adequate pay, and other crucial ethical standards.


We ship our lovely garments worldwide, and in order to reduce our impact, we have adopted completely sustainable packaging materials. The box and wrapping that you will receive your new CANSUXI pieces are all made out of paper, which is easily reusable or recyclable. 

Part of being transparent also has to do with sharing a part of our garments that isn’t fully natural, and those are the tags. They feature a portion of polyester in them, which isn’t one of the fabrics we use for the rest of our garments, and is only part of the small tags we place on them, as polyester mix is one of the main fabrics used for labels.