Amalfi Shirt Chain print – CANSUXI

Amalfi Shirt Chain print

Modest yet still playful. Amalfi is designed for the ones who want just a companion to their dynamic state of mind. Energetic and always on the go. Amalfi will be the smile on your face, even in a rush. 

Model is 175cm and wears a size 36 

%100 Vegan Silk

Did you know Vegan Silk is a new sustainable fabric that is produced from recycled cotton or cellulose? Similar to silk in texture. It is breathable, comfortable, fresh and adequate for summer when temperatures increase. It helps regulate body temperature in colder months. Cupro is versatile, it adapts to all weather conditions. We made sure that all of our factories complying with the Green Factory sustainability program, which ensures zero waste and clean energy consumption.