All Different All Together – CANSUXI

The mesmerizing geography around us. Turkey.  What does this country mean to her? Beyond being her home country? Does it represent a sense of belonging, or is it a major source for her design and creation journey? The heart of the Mediterranean sea and oriental sophistication. How is it connected to the other mesmerizing cultures? What about the charming Greek, hypnotizing Moroccan, or fascinating Andalusian cultures? How does the “Riviera” make you feel? 

The sun, the heat, the lemons on the table near the beach. Dinner with friends, sunset, barefoot walks - sand is spreading everywhere. But who cares? You still look stunning since you are carrying the most effortless, yet fabulous clothes for you. Cansu feels the same. Exactly the same. She wants you to feel empowered through the magical simplicity of life by celebrating WHO YOU ARE. Your own choices. Freedom. Endless possibilities. Just the way you are. The authentic self.

Driving from this mindset, Cansuxi presents its signature pattern “All Different All Together” with pride and joy. 

As human beings, we are all different worlds on our own. Different desires, intentions, emotions, ideas and passions. It’s fascinating to realize that we actually try to make the best out of it, every day of our lives, unconsciously. A desired chaos. You don’t have to make sense of everything around you, but you can still enjoy and embrace them. That is the beauty of life, the mystery of differences can end up as something miraculously nice. This pattern symbolizes the desired chaos, in a way that shows it can also be carried as a way of expression. Showing the world that you ‘re okay with differences and you accept those with no hesitations but with happiness and comfort. 

We’re here, on the beautiful mother rock. We’re All Different and All Together in this. Continue to explore with Cansuxi, you’re going to love this new mindset.