Building a Brand During Pandemic – CANSUXI

This isn’t an article about the pandemic or how it affected all of us in many different ways. We all know how it was, and how it still is. No one needs to hear more on that.

This article is more about telling a story behind an entrepreneurship adventure. It’s about developing new perspectives, implementing them, breaking them and again coming up with new ones. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s all about resilience and adaptability.

Generating resilience and thinking about alternatives is a choice. Don’t get us wrong, not making that choice is also okay and everyone is welcomed here.

Maybe you’ll realize something that you have never thought before and that is a remarkable win for today. 

Let’s see! 

In October 2019, when CANSUXI was only a rough idea, we were talking about building this brand until spring 2020. The process has been started with research, benchmarking, design process, branding, and so on...And in the middle of this building process, the pandemic happened. There were countless meetings through long nights, about whether we should postpone it or not, how can we proceed with the ideas now, what if it’s too soon, what if it becomes too late if we wait…

Some of us also lost their full-time jobs due to pandemic and this new project was way more than just a fashion brand. It was something to hold onto, something would prevent us from losing hope and believing in something bigger than us. However, we were also aware of reality and we would not be able to actualize this dream, especially during the 1st phase. 

After waiting for long months, while working on the ideas and the production, finally CANSUXI has started the journey officially in August 2020 and we set our timing for 11th of April, 2021. There were many other challenges as well. We were and still are in different locations, we could never get together and had a brain storming session face to face. It felt exhausting, demotivating and super challenging for many times, but we never thought of giving up.

Despite all the challenges, setbacks, operational struggles and other personal issues, CANSUXI was on the stage on 11.04.2021.

Being able to jump into a journey doesn’t mean that there is no fear or risk. It’s not about being fearless. It’s about having the courage to face any consequences and doing it anyways. There is no such thing as “fearlessness”. We are also terrified, every day, for different reasons. This is not a valid reason to stop. So today, think about this: What do I want to do most in life? And what is holding me back? What if I just try?

One step at a time. It won’t be bright and sunny everyday but you will learn to embrace the storm as well, until it’s not scary anymore.

Give a chance to your passion. Observe how you feel without having any pressure of being judged. No one needs to know. No one has any right to judge or make you feel like you’re doing something beyond your capabilities. 

Today, let’s give a chance to your inner voice that has been calling you for a very long time and see what happens.