Liberating Choices - Make It Smart – CANSUXI

Since the last couple of years, a new concept named Smart Consumption has occurred, in order to transform the way of consumption. This significant shift has brought a two-way responsibility for both the producers and the consumers, which requires a set of considerate decisions without sacrificing any fundamental values.

The question is, how this set of actions and decisions can be actualized without violating individual freedom?

At Cansuxi, our main goal is to create a space for our community to be able to express themselves freely. Freedom of choice and movement is a core value that we want to reflect in this journey, however, freedom does not have to mean to be careless or inconsiderate. From both an environmental and individual point of view, our understanding of sustainability can be called multi-dimensional. 

From an environmental point of view, it would be appropriate to say that we are a brand that moves forward with the principles of slow fashion. We do not aim to produce in enormous amounts, we just want to build meaningful communication based on both tangible and intangible needs of our people. In that sense, the core aspect of our organization is the selection of the fabrics and the production process. The fabrics of Cansuxi promises a space of freedom on both functional and mental levels. 

One of our main messages that we would like to deliver is the importance of naturalness, in every aspect. To provide the sense of naturalness, we started with the selection of the fabrics and had a very intense evaluation process. There were multiple motives behind this evaluation, which are; the physical senses that it’s going to be felt on the wearer’s body, adaptability and longevity. Without these 3 elements, we wouldn’t be able to promise a long lasting wardrobe, without any limitations. That is why, we are strictly against using polyester in our production process, not only due to its limitations on daily usage but also the harm that it creates for the environment.

To sum up, the answer to the question “How do you actualize the idea of a freedom in fashion by embracing the naturalness for the sake of both the environment and the wearer, the answer would be the precious clothes that are made from the most natural, breathable, adaptable and quality fabrics, crowned with multi functional design that allows to create multiple wearing styles for the person. Once you carry Cansuxi on your body, it's impossible to not to realize the naturally light feelings it creates. 

This is how we see the concept of Smart Consumption and how we try to implement it in our company. We believe that the promise of a brand and the values that it stands for must be seen and felt not just by words but also by consistent actions and tangible assets. We have been claiming that Cansuxi is a space for a free mindset and an executioner of a sophisticated lifestyle. By choosing to embrace this lifestyle, we believe that our community will be able to have a more meaningful, feeding, functional and remarkable personal style for their daily lives. 

You have read the essentials for a remarkable long lasting wardrobe and the basics of the real timeless fashion. Environment is also a huge part of this version of consumption and as Cansuxi, we can assure that we will always stand for these values to continue providing the space for Liberating Choices, always in the smartest, most elegant and the most considerate way. 


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