CANSUXI’s newest print Dionysus comes to life in vegan silk

As anyone knows, one of CANSU's main inspirations lie in history and ancient civilisations. We're constantly moved by the immense heritage and culture they’ve contributed to the lands of the Mediterranean and Anatolia. Looking at mythology, Dionysus has always caught our attention, and how his dance free his followers from self-conscious fear and worry. With liberating choices as our motto, and the aim to aid everyone find their form of self expression and confidence, we were particularly interested in the sense of freedom he represented. 

Mainly known as the god of grape-harvest and winemaking in Greek mythology, he was the son of Zeus and Semele, a daughter of Cadmus. He had special importance in terms of art and literature, as part of his festivals included performances of tragedy and comedy in Athens. He was also honoured in poems, and many ancient and classical era paintings. Ivy wreaths and two-handed goblets were some of the key elements in his depiction, personal attributes and symbolism. 

The Dionysus print connects our world of free-flowing ideas of fashion with the mythical god’s connotation with freedom, along with winemaking and grapes. The pink and red swirls guiding the visual space created by our print is inspired by the spinning motion created by red or rosé wine being poured. The name of CANSUXI's print then had to be taken from the god that was believed to rule this graceful movement created by the drink. 

Bringing it to life in vegan silk, Cansu added another layer of depth to the softness and feeling of flow created by the pattern. With its flowy texture by nature, vegan silk gave the perfect basis to build upon, and create a true sense of this liquid running and streaming endlessly. The colours pop brightly with the shine of the fabric, and come together to create a dazzling print that we’ve used for two incredible pieces in this collection. 

Select from the beauty of the Dionysus print top, blouse or trousers and add a touch of the mythical feeling that Cansu were inspired by into your closet. Wear them with more patterns or just let them take the centre stage, wear them during the day or at night. Wear them however you like, and let Dionysus’s notion of freedom and our notion of liberation join forces to make you shine.