The Blurring Lines of Gender Labels in Clothes – CANSUXI

Our driving force and main motto is liberating choices. There are many consequences of this mindset, including liberating your style and adding functionality and adaptability to beautiful designs, and also liberating you from the preconceived ideas of the society we live in. 

Gender neutral fashion is an idea that stands for the very valid point that clothes don’t need to be “labelled” to signify whether they’re for men or women. Clothes are, in the end, pieces of fabric carefully put together with the aim of bringing together functionality and aesthetics to help the wearer be whoever they want to be. Our pieces are also born with this logic in mind, so gender neutral fashion is the logical consequence of our inspirational and creative process.

One of the main examples of our pieces being adopted by the wearers into whatever way they want is the considerable number of women who expressed their interest for the Choppy Midnight Shirt that is “labelled” as for men. We were extremely happy to see this demand and to see people that were willing to break the stigma of wearing clothes that are not necessarily labelled in the way they identify. 

We fully support this flow and we’re always delighted to see people wear our pieces and create something new that brings a new life and a new meaning to them. Our pieces exist to help the wearer in their personal journey, wherever it may be, with their adaptability and timelessness. The extension of this purpose lies in gender neutrality for our clothes, and to empower everyone who is willing. 

Although it seems like a trivial issue, the increasing gender neutrality of clothes is a pointer to a bigger change for the better, for a world that is more accepting of personal expression and people proudly showing who they truly are. We’re happy to have a contribution to this shift and help in empowering people, however small it may be.