Inspiration in Art – CANSUXI

Like any other creative work, fashion requires an endless, constantly flaming source of inspiration. A walk around the city, your morning coffee, a paragraph from your favourite book: everything that surrounds us is ready to join our path and create a spark within our search for inspiration. 

For CANSUXI, along with ancient history, mythological figures, cultural connectivity, and nature, another key source of inspiration is art. Within a rich context of the entire history of art, a few stick out and really connect with our brand vision. I aim to create empowering pieces that have a touch of softness and flow in them, so my inspirations share this common feeling. I feel that there is always an inspiration in everything that has a movement, kindness, and power within. When it comes to staying chic through the years and achieving timelessness, Jean Arp comes to mind to guide me. With his sculptures and paintings that capture the feeling of elegance and the sleekness through abstract forms, he became a true inspiration for our brand. 

Alberto Giacometti, the Swiss sculptor, painter, draftsman and printmaker, is the next on my list of sources of inspiration. His iconic massive bronze sculptures reveal my imagination. I think his sculptures show incredible strength through staying on their feet throughout the years despite their seemingly fragile slim figure. Having been positioned to be walking, they carry a movement that shows the power in reaching for their goals and not giving up on their journey. This dedication is another point that guides CANSUXI, and not only inspires me, but also pushes us as a brand to always become better.

Finally, I will write about Constantin Brancusi, a pioneer of modernism. The way he used his tools to create his timeless sculptures featuring smooth curves and movement were groundbreaking, and the work he created moves us. His creativity in using a mixture of different elements to create his sculptures inspire my creative process and pushes me to try new things, and also our motto, liberating choices, to mix and match and create novelty in everything we do.

Along with these prominent artists, there are many more that continuously drive me both creatively and motivationally. I am constantly on the lookout for new inspirations wherever they might come, and art is always on the top of CANSUXI’s list. Creating something that conveys the feeling of movement and power as well as the artists that inspire me is one of my ultimate goals, and I believe that with our unique and versatile pieces, we’re coming a step closer to that goal everyday.