Slow Fashion as Our Mindset – CANSUXI

Slow fashion might seem to be one of the sustainability buzzwords that people are throwing around without thinking too much into it, but in reality, it’s a key concept to tackle excessive consumption and production. It also is one of our key pillars when it comes to our mission and creation mindset.

Slow fashion is a movement that is a reaction to fast fashion and all its negative impacts. It’s a call for everyone to think twice about what they buy and make space for in their closets, and to hit the brakes on excessive consumption. It’s a thoughtful, intentional, and mindful approach to fashion as a whole. 

At CANSUXI, we strive to embody this vision as much as possible. One manifestation of this mindset can be seen in our fabrics, and our commitment to making sure they’re of the highest quality and durability. With this, the pieces you get from us will last you for years to come and won’t lose their glow with time as fast fashion articles would. 

Our designs are also another point which we use to ensure long lasting pieces. They’re extremely versatile and you can easily style them in so many different ways, which eliminates the need to purchase more and more and helps you to not contribute to the excessive consumption problem. Timeless pieces are our goal, and we believe we’re achieving it. 

We also don’t produce with seasons. We embody a season-free view that lets creativity flow whenever it comes. We don’t try to roll out new seasons of clothes more than necessary and overproduce. Our season-free mindset works perfectly with our slow fashion mindset, which in the end come together to create timeless pieces you’ll wear for years to come and will still feel brand new.

Slow fashion invites everyone to be thoughtful about what they purchase, and we believe that after this process of mindfulness, CANSUXI pieces will answer all your needs. We believe that we can create a change, while also not needing to constantly change your wardrobe.