Vegan Silk as your perfect companions – CANSUXI

We use a lot of natural and sustainable fabrics in our pieces, but we have to admit that silk is one of our all-time favourites, and more specifically, VEGAN SILK. And it’s not just because of the fabric’s glowing beauty, but also what it means for our brand in terms of ideology and function.

You don’t need telling that vegan silk is one of the best looking fabrics out there. It is also smooth to the touch, and flowing and soft all around, the fabric is the perfect match for so many different uses. It’s function goes a long way too. Vegan silk is great at keeping the body heat regulated, helping your body stay warm in cold weather by retaining heat, and expelling excess heat in warm weather to keep you cool. Breathable and comfortable, it is the epitome of beauty and function in one. 

Vegan silk is good for the environment as much as it is for the wearer. Vegan silk is very sustainable, it is produced from recycled cotton or cellulose, therefore reducing fabric waste. It’s also great for people looking for a vegan alternative to silk. 

Another reason we love vegan silk is because they represent timeless beauty and sophistication. It's durable and classic fabric that you can keep in your closet and wear over and over again for years to come. We’re very keen on long-lasting and multi-functional pieces at CANSUXI, so vegan silk is the perfect embodiment of that mindset. Even when the day comes when you want to part with your precious vegan silk pieces, it will prove useful after it’s life as it is readily biodegradable, meaning it can go on to produce fruitful mulch or compost, and hence soil. 

Although our main focus is vegan silk, we also leave space for natural silk, because it has amazing benefits. Being one of the most luxurious fibres coming from natural proteins, silk contains natural cellular albumen that speeds up the metabolism of skin cells. So all our silk pieces will literally add to your wonderful glow. And fun fact, sleeping on silk helps reduce hair breakage, as it doesn’t conduct static electricity.  It’s also hypoallergenic, which means that it doesn't attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellant. The smooth and soft texture is perfect for sensitive skin, which is also true for vegan silk

Knowing the depths of the pieces you’re wearing and the intricacies of the fabric that make them what they are is a key step in fully embracing a slow and circular way of consumption. By choosing products that are long-lasting and durable by nature of their fabrics, you’re not only giving yourself more time to enjoy them, but you’re also creating less waste and negative impact on our earth. Our fabrics are functionally and stylistically timeless, and by taking good care of your pieces you can extend their lifetime even more. Choose your favourites from our wide range of products, and watch as they transcend time and be your wardrobe staples.