The Faces of CANSUXI

Who is the CANSUXI person? Almost every designer has an archetype in mind when creating pieces. For some, it's someone they know or someone they are inspired by, their muses. And for some, it's the idea of the perfect person that embodies the values and drivers that lead to the unique creations.

For CANSUXI, the second is mainly the case. Cansu designs for the person of her dreams that personifies everything the brand is inspired by and aims to inspire in its wearers and followers. Having women's, men's, and unisex pieces, CANSUXI just imagines the energy around the person that wears the pieces, not an “it girl” or a specific muse. For CANSUXI, it’s all about the energy you radiate, your confidence, and your glow in the timeless pieces. 

The CANSUXI person is truly glowing. When they walk in the room all eyes are on them, because they embody a timeless chic look  that isn’t forced or disconnected from nature. On the contrary, this person is inspired by nature and embraces its beauty and wonder. They make a conscious choice to wear CANSUXI because they’re aware of the natural materials and how they glide on the skin, soft to the touch, functional, long lasting, and dazzling. They want long lasting pieces, not fast-fashion or unethically made ones, and they know exactly where to find them.

The CANSUXI person is free. Free from the prejudices and set ways of thinking that other people might share. They make their own decisions and are confident every step of the way. This confidence shines through, and the CANSUXI person stands like a willow tree, so mighty and graceful, yet soft and flowy at the same time. The energy they give off is unmistakably strong and powerful, without going the extra mile. 

Finally, the CANSUXI person is stylish. This style comes from within, the way they present themselves, the way they simply are is stylish. There’s no denying it. They artfully combine the pieces, add the finishing touches with the perfect jewellery, This style translates into function too, as they come up with endless ways to style and wear their pieces, and they take advantage of the design of CANSUXI, and if they’re wearing a JOMO for example, you know they’ll be changing it from a long dress to a short one when it’s time to go to the cocktail party. 

The CANSUXI person is irresistibly unique. The way they move in the clothes, and the way the  clothes move in harmony with them radiates an inspiring aura of confidence, freedom, and beauty. Why don’t you become a CANSUXI person too?