Bodrum to the World - The Tale of Our Sandals – CANSUXI

CANSUXI is built on the idea of freedom. Liberation, being able to choose, to be set free and to flow as you wish like the waves of the ocean. When it comes to us humans, one of the main connotations of freedom can be to just take a step, to walk or run and let your feet take you wherever you want. To be able to stop and embrace the moment.

All these feelings come from your feet that ground you yet also set you free. They deserve to be wrapped in the best materials and comfiest pieces while they carry you through your life. And that’s the first core idea that led to our unique handcrafted leather sandals.

We also believe that a great wardrobe is a longlasting one. By using the highest quality and most durable materials, we want you to reach the closet of your dreams that is set free from the restrictions of time and space. One that will be with you for years to come, with its timeless designs and with the materials that will last you a lifetime. The leather we use fits perfectly with this idea. Coming from only 1% of all hides, it is one of the highest quality leathers out there, and is only tanned with a special process, no dyes at all. The leather takes the shape of the unique twists and turns of the straps of the sandals and becomes the grounding base that creates the sole. Although they might feel stiff at first, they soften and become completely unique with use, reaching the perfect level of comfort that you will never want to give up. This high quality and durability is the second pillar.

And now the rich story. Let us take you to the Aegean coast, to Bodrum, a place that has been home to the Ancient Greeks under a powerful queen, and the Persians. It hosted one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, and fast forward in time, it became a quiet town of fishermen and sponge divers. 

Now, Bodrum is a town full of natural and historic attractions and beautiful beaches and traditional white houses. The local artisanal scene is growing in importance, and the sandals have become deeply associated with the town. With the designs being inspired from a long lasting tradition, the Bodrum sandals are a unique mix between style, comfort, and heritage.

With our footwear collection, the third inspiration was this local culture, history and craftsmanship. Cansu bought her first pair of Bodrum sandals on a trip there when she was 17, and she still wears them to this day. Keen to bring this level of comfort and longevity to her own collections, and with a passion to honour the local craftsmen and share their creations with the world, she started working with a local studio. Together, they brought the designs to life. 

Handmade, each sandal may have slightly varying marks or stitches as a souvenir from the skilled craftsmen that work on them. They tell the story not only of our brand, but also the local culture of Bodrum and the skilled craftsmanship that we want to share with the world.